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2.5 YARD LOADER FEATURES Safety Orange Powder Coat Finish Durable and corrosion resistant.Exclusive Extreme-Duty H-Beam Design 12" push beam for superior support. We put support where it’s needed most. Engineered for strength.Extra Durable Lower Posts Bottom support posts are fully welded giving the posts the exceptional strength. This keeps the post higher off the ground. In case of accidental roll back, the bottom post does not get destroyed. Extreme-Duty Upper Posts Upper post support tubes eliminate the need for costly channel rolls. They are fully seam-welded and spaced for maximum effectiveness in lending support to the overall strength of the pusher.3" Inside Posts and 3/8" Side Plates Help prevent damage to sides from accidental impact during extreme operation. Extreme-Duty Wear Shoes Wear shoes are made from abrasion resistant steel for far greater wear life than most competitor’s wear shoes.1½" x 10" Rubber Compound Cutting Edge The right edge for all your needs.
Item code Z107805
ISBN WC1051Z107805
Price $6,082.60
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